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What does ART do?

ART & Eco Research Collab provide consultation and assistance in education program design, in-field research, stragetic planning, program development and intercultural communication training domestically and internationally. In the United States, we work with a myriad of local “green” organizations in Seattle, Washington in developing and implementing social justice oriented and culturally-centric educational materials and trainings that focus on recycling, waste management, ecological restoration, aquaponics and rain gardening. Materials and trainings are disseminated and facilitated, respectively, to multicultural communities and people of color that lack access to real-world data and information on a plethora of social and environmental problems. These products and services serve to bridge the communication gap between mainstream organizations and local community members and facilitate the practice of transparent collaborative learning and problem solving, thereby increasing intercultural competencies.

Coho Salmon and Chum surveying with King County in Miller and Walker Creek basins. In the Pacific Northwest there is an unusual occurance of pre-spawn mortality in the fall season that is currently being investigated by both national and international environmental organizations.

Working with Cascadia Consulting Group (CCG) on spreading awareness about recycling. A CCG study shows residents changed their behavior and began recycling more paper when they received educational materials on the subject matter. 

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